Year 2010

Últimos números 2010 – resúmenes
Last issues 2010 – abstracts

Número 1 · Primavera 2010 · Año XXVII
Issue 1 · Spring 2010 · Year XXVII

Nota de los Editores / Editors’ Note · José Antonio Ocampo y Mariángela Parra-Lancourt: The terms of trade for commodities since the mid-nineteenth century · Jeffrey B. Nugent y James A. Robinson: Are factor endowments fate? · Adolfo Meisel y Juan S. Barón: A historical analysis of central bank independence in Latin America: the Colombian experience, 1923-2008 · Tim Wegenast: Cana, café, cacau: agrarian structure and educational inequalities in Brazil · Jordi Guilera:The evolution of top income and wealth shares in Portugal since 1936 · Leandro Prados de la Escosura: Spain’s international position, 1850-1913.

Número 2 · Otoño 2010 · Año XXVII
Issue 2 · Autumn 2010 · Year XXVII

Jeffrey G. Williamson: Five centuries of Latin American income inequality · Rafael Dobado González and Héctor García Montero: Colonial origins of inequality in Hispanic America? Some reflections based on new empirical evidence ·Joerg Baten and Christina Mumme: Globalization and educational inequality during the 18th to 20th centuries: Latin America in global comparison · Luis Bértola, Cecilia Castelnovo, Javier Rodríguez and Henry Willebald:Between the colonial heritage and the first globalization boom: on income inequality in the Southern Cone · Ewout Frankema:Reconstructing labor income shares in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico, 1870-2000 · Peter H. Lindert: The unequal lag in Latin American schooling since 1900: follow the money

Número 3 · Invierno 2010 · Año XXVII
Issue 3 · Winter · Year XXVII

Nicholas Crafts: The contribution of new technology to economic growth: lessons from economic history · Antonella Fazio Vargas and Fabio Sáchez Torres: The educational effects of 19th century disentailment of Catholic Church land in Colombia · Daniel Fernando Carolo and José António Pereirinha: The development of the Welfare State in Portugal: trends in social expenditure between 1938 and 2003 · Antonio Escudero and Pedro M. Pérez Castroviejo: The living standard of miners in Biscay (1876-1936): wages, the human development index and height · Stefan Houpt and Juan Carlos Rojo Cagigal: Capital market integration in Spain? Introducing the Bilbao Stock Exchange 1891-1936

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