Año 2014

Últimos números 2014 – resúmenes
Last issues 2014 – abstracts

Número 1 · Primavera 2014 · Año XXXII
Issue 1 · Spring 2014 · Year XXXII

Nota de los Editores / Editors’ Note Alfonso Herranz-Loncán: Transport technology and economic expansion: the growth contribution of railways in Latin America before 1914 • Leticia Arroyo Abad: Failure to launch: cost of living and living standards in Peru during the 19th century José Alejandro Peres-Cajías: Bolivian public fi nances, 1882-2010. The challenge to make social spending sustainable • Juan Carmona, Markus Lampe and Joan R. Rosés: Spanish housing markets, 1904-1934: new evidence • Luis Felipe Zegarra: Women and credit in Peru during the Guano era. Was there gender discrimination in the mortgage credit market of Peru?

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