Beginning in 2006, La Revista de Historia Económica, the leading journal in economic history in Spanish language, is launching a new forum for academic debate among economic historians, specifically those interested in Iberian and Ibero-American historical economics.

Under the new name, Revista de Historia Económica Journal of Iberian and Latin American Economic History (RHE-JILAEH), we intend to bring together and internationalize the ongoing national debates in Iberian and Latin American economic history, providing incentives to place these regions in a more global perspective with international comparisons.

Therefore, the RHE-JILAEH welcomes contributions with comparative approaches, especially those that include a wide geographical or global coverage. The journal will promote the presentation of new topics, ideas and perspectives from the different social sciences, notably new historical and economic methods.

During this new era, the RHE-JILAEH aims to consolidate the prestige acquired over the last quarter of a century and upgrade its commitment to excellence by opening itself to the international academic community and engaging in the important international debates. The RHE-JILAEH will publish three issues per annum with articles in spanish, English and Portuguese. The editors will maintain close contact with the editorial board, and we invite you to take part in this new initiative of the RHE-JILAEH.